About Tracy Bailey

Hi, I am Tracy. Thanks for being here!

I am able to guide and assist you through life challenges, no struggle is too small or too much to reach out for help.

I have experienced anxiety, depression, unexpected life changes, and being diagnosed with chronic pain, fatigue and other conditions. At one time I was in a place where I didn't think my life could get any better. The therapeutic techniques I used to get where I am now in life, are the same evidence-based techniques I utilize in therapy so you can have an empowered and fulfilling life.

My life has always been about working with and helping people. I began coaching and teaching when I was a teenager and continued this career path until I chose to pursue counseling because it meets my desire to help others. The greatest satisfaction I can have is helping others pursue your best life.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Dakota (SD LPC20576), Minnesota (MN LPC 2480), and Florida (TPMC2647). I am certified through the National Counselor Certification and received my Master of Arts for Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University. I hold certificates in Suicide Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, And Dialectical Behavioral Therapy among others. Prior to becoming a counselor, I was a high school special education teacher and coached a variety of athletics. My internship took place in an adolescent group home facility for young girls and my first position was through the community mental health organization in my hometown. I have been providing online therapy for three years and have a total of five years of experience in mental health therapy.

The greatest satisfaction I can have is when you tell me about how much progress you have been making during therapy and how much better your life has become.

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